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  1. Tournament Rules can be found HERE.
  2. Download the Events XD App from Google Play or Apple Store to access tournament information on your mobile device.
  3. Text MIC to 33222 to participate in our text messaging and win prizes!
  4. Contact secretary@mictournament.org if you have any problems with your registration information.
  5. See you this weekend!

Bowler Registration is Closed!


Each year MIC works with several charities to help them raise money by advertising their fundraising events and their organization on our website and other materials, and providing them an opportunity to operate a 50/50 raffle during one of our tournament events.  This year we have three great charities to highlight, please click below to view them and their upcoming events!


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Please visit our new Awards page to read about the Ron Delano Fellowship Award, as well as our new award, Spirit of MIC.  Both of these awards are designed to honor people who have either worked to help the gay community, or to help keep MIC the quality tournament it has been since, Randy "Papa" Albright and his co-founders designed it to be.

Nominiations for this year, are closed.



Click WIN to go to our raffle page to purchase your tickets to win a Free 2 Night Stay at the host hotel, Novi Sheraton!

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