MIC is Looking for Charities to Donate 50/50 Proceeds to during Tournament


If you know of a charity who could use some donations, please have them contact director@mictournament.org. The only thing we ask is that the charity is local, and does not currently receive Federal Government Funding.  The charity will need to send a representative to the tournament in October to represent their charity while selling 50/50 tickets at their assigned event.  For more information send an email to the address above.


MIC Needs Your Help


In addition to providing opportunities for charities to receive donations, MIC also relies on the generous donation of the local LGBT Community.  We accept donations in the form of:


  • Prizes for our raffles, (concert tickets, gift cards, sporting event tickets, unopened items such as shot glasses, bottles of alcohol, or other items, etc.)
  • Donations of gently used clothing and shoes which are given to Beautiful (Charity run by Menjo's to help local homeless people).
  • Donations of non-perishable foods to give to Beautiful.
  • Donations of your time and creativity by joining our committee.
  • Donations of cash to help our operating costs since our tournament entry fee does not cover all costs associated with running our yearly tournament.


If you can donate any of the above, please email director@mictournament.org to arrange for pick up or drop off of goods.


If you would like to donate money towards our operating costs, please use the PayPal Button below. If you would like us to recognize you as a sponsor in our publications, please let us know at the email above.


Thank you!





Contact us at: director@mictournament.org, secretary@mictournament.org, or Webmaster@mictournament.org


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